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Although Ceylon is primarily a farming community, we have a wide variety of local business, from specialized furniture refinishing to Boating equipment sales and maintenance.

* Ceylon City Hall
* State Bank of Ceylon
The State Bank of Ceylon, located in the middle of town, has been serving the community of Ceylon for ## years. Marlin Bents, treasurer for the Ceylon Centennial Committee, is in charge.   Bank
* Corner Store
The Corner Store is owned and operated by Darrell Morris. Daryl purchased Dave's Grocery . from Dave and Lorraine Origer on April, 19, 1985. Daryl renamed the business The Corner Store. He has a complete line of groceries.Two helpful clerks, Jan Mueller and Irene Tusler, will help you find where they hid the groceries. Corner Store

* Petersen's Coffee Shop
Currently owned by Dorothy Petersen. Dorothy and her husband, Don, leased the business from Don and Alice Meyer in 1974. They turned it into an upholstery shop. When they started, only coffee, donuts and rolls .were served. Gradually the upholstery business was dropped and the shop became a full-time cafe. The business was purchased from the Meyers in Sept. l975. The Cafe was remodeled in 1977 when a new front was added. Dorothy managed the cafe and Don, her husband, farmed. The coffee shop celebrated 25 years of business on Jan. 15, l999. Ill health took Don's life on Feb. 10, 1999. Dorothy continues to operate the business.E-Mail Dorothy Coffee Shop
* Schultz Butchering
Schultz Butchering is owned and operated by Joe Shultz. Joe's father, Arnold (Boxie) Shultz, built the shop and began the meat processing business in l954. He sold the business to his two sons, Jack and Joe. In l985 Joe bought his brother Jack's share of the business, Shultz Butchering has been well known, through the years for their excellant custom meat processing. Schultz Butchering
* Olson Funeral Home
The Olson Funeral Home is part of the Olson Funeral Home in Fairmont.   Olson's
* Thompson's Auto Transmission
Dennis Thompson has taken over the family business from his father, Harold Thompson. They have been in businss for ## years. Thompson's
* Ceylon Fire Hall
The Ceylon Fire Hall station is located across from city hall. It houses the Ceylon Volunteer Fire Department trucks and the paramedic's ambulance.   Ceylon Fire Hall
1926 Reo Truck
* Ceylon Post Office
The Ceylon Post office was established Oct.16, l899 by Frank Kellogg, who became Ceylon's first postmaster.The city of Ceylon grew up very fast around the Northwestern Railroad tracks, which stretches across Martin Co. Kellogg's son-in-law , Henry P. Andrews succeeded him as postmaster.

Robert Stewart was appointed postmaster following Mr. Andrews. A.C Saggau next came Henry Saggau who served until 1956. Raymond O. Halvorson became postmaster in 1957.The postoffice was moved from the north side of the street to the south side of the street on the next block west to a newer building.

Mr. Halvorson was instrumental in getting new equipment for the post office, updating everything in 1970.

The Ceylon Post Office was named cancellation office in 1977 for President Jimmy Carter and Vice President Walter Mondale - who was born in Ceylon. Click HERE for pictures from the the Mondale innaugeration.

Mr Halvorson retired in 1979 and Verdane Erdman from Wilbert replaced Mr Halvorson. She sorts mail for the entire Ceylon area.
Post Office
* Nu-Way Co-op
NuWay Coop  
* Kling and Janhke Trucking & Tires
Kling and Janhke Trucking & tires established 1996


The business actually evolved as a 'Branch' of Duncan Hardware Store, owned by Lois and Dale Duncan, previously owned by Allen and Robert Christensen, and before that their father H,H, Christensen.
In l986 because of the declining business trends of the 80's it was logical to separate the labor from the material in the billing statements. And as a result, two businesses were formed.
In the fall of l992, the Hardware Store closed and the building was sold. For a short time thePumbing Business rented the back portion of the building and operated out of the back alley entrance.
l996 the building was again up for sale,then is when the business moved to it's present location, aaaaone block north of main street, the former Simpson Lumber Company, which the busines had purched the previous year.
Bob Christensen serves as sheet metal consult ant and fabricator, using some of the same tools and equipment that his father used back in the early l900's.
  Kling Trucking
* Lemke Awning
Lemke Awning Company was founded in 1950 by Ralph and Belvia Lemke in Ringsted, Iowa. The business was moved to Ceylon, Mn. in 1967 to the old Variety Store west of the bank. Glen and Sharon moved to Ceylon in 1969 to sell for Ralph and Belvia. They bought the business from Glen's parents in 1973. The old International building was purchased by the Lemke's in 1980. They also bought out their supplier Ron-del International. A fire destroyed part of their business in the International building in 1989. They built a new building west of the old building to operate their business from.

The Lemke Awning Company manufacture a DOOR CANOPY and a FOLDING ALUMINUM AWNING which can be raised from inside and outside the home.

Sharon and Glen have two sons, both in the navy Glen Jr . wife and son are stationed in Hawaii and Leon is stationed in the state of Washington.
  Lemke Awning
* Ditz Insurance
The Insurance business was taken out of the First National Bank during the Depression.
It was then known as the Fred Koenecke Insurance Agency and was run by my grandfather until 1953. At which time he passed away.
It was then run by my father William S. Ditz from 1953 until l980, at which time he passed away. In the meantime I had returned home in the fall of 1977 to work with him in the Insurance Agency. After driving semi from 1971 until 1977.
I ran the Angency for about a year for the Estate, until things were taken care of. Or until the fall of 1981. At that time I purchased the Agency. I have been there totallysince the fall of 1977 until the present. I also have been Clerk/Treasurer for the City of Ceylon since August of 1979.
William F. Ditz
202 W, Main ,Box 328
Ceylon, Mn. 56121
Phone: 507-632-4517
* O'sell Insurance
* Babe's Fashions
Babe Schmidt does custom embroidery for business or personal use. Bring in your Business Logo for shirts or hats. New mothers love the personal bibs, shirts, and even baby socks! Call, or E-Mail Babe for more information!
* Rosenberg Electric
Owned and operated by Lowell Rosenberg.
E-Mail Lowell Rosenberg
* Myer's Refinishing
Myer's Refinishing started as a family business established by Nadine and Wendell Myers in l979. They do excellent recane and furniture repaire wor k even rebuilding wooden parts. Son Dan works as the expert finisher. Myer's Refinishing
* Don Schley
* Buke's
Charlene and Jerry Buchan leased the bar from Nassen-Detert American Legion Post 529 in 1996. The bar handles both on-sale and off-sale liquors. The Buchan family operate another business .Buke's Repair located in the former Ceylon Coop building which has been established the fall of l998. Jason and Jeremy will change oil and change your tires on Wednesdays when the station is open.
* Ceylon Community Building
Details Community Building
* Ceylon American Legion
Nassen Detert Post #529
* Ziemer Welding
* Larry Schmidt --Seed Corn<
* Warren Prust --SeedCorn
Novartis Seed Dealer: Warren Prust has sold corn, soybean and alfalfa seed for 26 years. Novartis Seed has an excellent line-up of corn hybreds, soybean and alfalfa seed for sale--contact:
Warren Prust 152
100th Avenue
Ceylon, MN 56121
Phone: 507 632 4251
Warren Prust
* Leiding Construction--Lonnie
* Petschke Excavating
Petchke Excavating was established in 1970 . In 1995 Gary took his son Jon as partner, They do a complete line of farm drainage,septic systems,CAT work gravel ,sans and dirt hauling. Their business is State Certified.
* Daleske Blacksmith Shop
* Car Wash
* Hair Technique
* Barber Shop- Glenn Samlaska
* Ceylon Museum
* Ceylon Wood Carvers
The Ceylon Woodcarvers club formed May 31,1988, and meet at 7p.m. the first and 3rd Tues. of the month beginning in Sept. and ending with a picnic at Mondale Park on the last meeting in May. No meetings are held during the summer.

The first President was Jim Morris who helped organize the Club. Vice President was Roger Morris ,Treasurer:Bridget Belknap,Secretary: Dorothy Petersen.

Dues, proposed at that time were $5.00 , dues were later raised to $10.00 and payable April 1.

The members have learned a lot about woodcarving. Each fall the club sponsors a woodcarving show at the mall in Fairmont . For a money maker , members carve ornaments and decorate a christmas tree which is given away at a drawing each year.

Though the years many members attend seminars to learn carving from experts. The info is brought back to the other club members.

* Odegaard's Marine Service Center
Located at 211 E. MainStreet ,Established October 1988
Ceylon, Mn. 56121, Telephone [507] 632 4666.
Owners Gale and Rhoda Odegaard.
Starcraft Boats, Autherized Mariner, MerCruiser -Force and Johnson, Shoreland'r, Trailers,
Shore lifts, Porta Docks, Vibo Docks & Lifts Boat Repair, Boat-Trailer Wiring&Bearings Sercice Repair of all makes and models of Outboard and Inboards.


* Hand's Fishing
Hand Fishing Crew at Tuttle Lake Hand's Fishing Crew at Tuttle Lake

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