Home page for Ancient and Medieval coins of Indian subcontinent is a project spanning many years. Do contact me if you have any criticism or suggestions. I am trying to compile a list of all those webpages which can provide some information about Indian coins and history. Most websites that I came across on internet are by coin dealers who also have their own personal collections of Roman, Greek and American coins. I found really few sites which provide information about Indian history and coins. A partial list of such sites is shown below. This list is not complete and if you find any Indian coins or Indian History related website, please let me know.


The aims of the Society are to promote the systematic study of the coins, medals and currency, both ancient and modern, of India, the Far East, the Islamic countries and their non-Western predecessors. It was founded in 1970 and its membership of almost 600 people are spread over approximately 40 countries. Membership is individual. It is open to anyone with a genuine interest in the numismatic series of any of these areas.

South Asia Coins Group
Recently the South Asia Coins Discussion Group have been initiated. I highly recommend joining this group of scholars and collectors of Indian coins. The aim of the group is to promote an understanding of coins, ancient to present, from modern India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and the Maldives. The group has a well-established mailing list with over 125 members from all around the world.

American Numismatic Society
The preeminent national institution advancing the study and appreciation of coins, medals and related objects of all cultures, also historical and artistic documents.

The American Numismatic Association
The American Numismatic Association is a nonprofit, educational organization chartered by Congress and is dedicated to the collection and study of coins, paper money, tokens and medals, and was created for the benefit of its members and the numismatic community.

Classical & Medieval Numismatic Society
The Classical & Medieval Numismatic Society (CMNS) includes collectors, historians, students,in fact, anyone interested in ancient and medieval coinage and history. The Society's prime objective is the study, research and publication of information, and to further the education of its members, regardless of their level of knowledge.

An interesting site with a lot of images of ancient coins of India. Also provide interesting links for ancient history and coinage.

Coins of Tranquebar
The only webpage that describe the coins issued by Danish East India Company which had established a colony at Tarangambadi near Kaveri river in modern Tamilnadu state of southern India. The original Tamil name of Tarangambadi was changed to Tranquebar or Trankebar.

The coins of The Parthian Empire
Ruling from 247 B.C. to A.D. 228, the Parthian kings defeated Alexander the Great's successors, conquered most of the Middle East and southwest Asia, and built the Eastern superpower that counterbalanced Rome's hegemony in the West.

Early Islamic coins
This is a noncommerical site dealing with the coins of early Islam, dating from about 690 to 1500 AD. The concentration here is exclusively on the silver and copper coins struck in Europe and northern Africa and in western and central Asia, excluding the Indian subcontinent.


India WWW Virtual Library
A comprehensive site for information about art, culture, history, map, politics, education, economy, goverment, movies, music, literature, science and technology, travel etc of India.

Naval Warfare in ancient India
India has an extensive sea-board, being bounced on three sides of her borders by the sea. Many of the archaeological discoveries in India and abroad--all go to prove that long before the birth of Christ the Hindus had acquired a fair knowledge of the art of navigation and that they plied their boats not only on the inland rivers but also on the high seas.

An official webpage of India
This site provides a lot of useful facts about Republic of India (modern India). This information is brought to you by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

Library of Hindu History
The history of Hindus, and equivalently that of Bharat (India), has its beginnings in the hoary past and their civilization continues to flourish today. Just like there are upheavals and periods of distress in the life of a human, the historical traditions and philosophical concepts underlying the history of Bharat have witnessed similar ups and downs.


Translation Site This site is for translation of whole sentences/phrases from five languages to English, and vice versa.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, "Mahatma Gandhi". This website is devoted to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi.

Bhagavad Gita
Bhagavad Gita desribe the philosophical outlook of Hindu religion. It is translated into English by Sir Edwin Arnold.
Another translation of Bhagavad Gita by Ramanand Prasad

Mural paintings in Indian Parliament house
The architects of modern India thought it fit to decorate the modern temple of democracy, i.e, the Parliament House, with paintings depicting great moments in the history of India. As one enters the Parliament House, one is fascinated by a row of beautiful paintings depicting scenes from the long history of this country right from the Vedic age down the British period.

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