Places named Ceylon in the World

Country State CountyLongitudeLatitudeZipCodeAerial
United StatesMinnesota Martin94°37'53"W 43°32'01"N56121MN
United StatesIndiana Adams 84°57'12"W 40°36'24"N46740IN
United StatesOhio Erie 82°29'38"W 41°22'08"N44839OH
United StatesPennsylvaniaGreene79°58'51"W 39°51'43"N15320PA
United StatesGeorgia Camden81°39'03"W 30°57'41"N31569GA
Canada Saskatchewan 104°02'23"W 49°27'50"NS0C0T0
United StatesWisconsinWalworth 88°26'00"W 42°34'00"NLagoon

Country Longitude Latitude Description
Sri Lanka 81°00'00"E 07°00'00"NDominion of Ceylon
Seafloor 82°00'00"E 04°00'00"SCeylon Abyssal Plain
Zimbabwe 31°22'58"E 17°47'02"SCeylon Mine
South Africa 31°24'00"E 24°17'00"SCeylon
South Africa 30°03'00"E 24°04'00"SCeylon
South Africa 30°41'00"E 25°05'00"SCeylon Staatsbos
South Africa 30°44'00"E 25°05'00"SCeylon
South Africa 29°06'00"E 27°24'00"SCeylon

As given in table above the NIMA.MIL Gazetteer list coordinates for five entries in South Africa (including Ceylon Staatsbos(Forest Reserve), and one in Zimbabwe (Ceylon Mine), and Ceylon Abyssal Plain 10 degrees south of Lanka, a geomorphologic feature on the seafloor the Indian Ocean.
The Foreign Names Staff of US Board on Geographic Names confirmed by E-mail that they are actual place names. I need to locate them on a map


The Times Atlas of the World in addition to reference to Sri Lanka, only lists Ceylon MN and Ceylon SK.